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Last Friday all our students and teachers took part in the 1/100,000 fundraising run, showing their commitment to pediatric leukaemia. Thank you all for your cooperation.

3rd Musical Event “Únete al ritmo de la concertada”

On March 31st, it will take place the 3rd musical event “Únete al ritmo de la concertada“, where students from all the semi-private schools of Alcalá  will bring their voices together to promote and emphasize the importance of their schools. 


Nieve Día 5

The trip is coming to an end…. But we can say it has been well worthwhile. There are only a few months left to come back again. 

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Nieve Día 4

Fourth day in the slopes. Fun never stops. A sunny day, friends, skiing, nice atmosphere… What else could we ask for?

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Nieve Día 3


Students and teachers keep enjoying nature, sport and very special moments….


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Nieve Día 2

First day in the mountain… our teachers and students enjoyed a wonderful sunny day in the slopes. After an exhausting day, they went for a nice walk around Jaca -surprise party included- and back to sleep… they all need to be ready for the next skiing day!!

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Nieve Día 1


The big day arrived!!! 

Our students and teachers got to Jaca yesterday. It was time to collect skiing material, unpack and settle into their cosy rooms.. Ready to get the most out of their ski holiday!!

2018-02-04 Nieve Dia 1 01 2018-02-04 Nieve Dia 1 02 2018-02-04 Nieve Dia 1 03

Food collection for charity

Our students have been collecting food at a local supermarket in order to help those in need, as part of our commitment to human rights and personal values. Many thanks to all the teachers and students that took part in it.


operación kilo1 operación kilo2 operación kilo3 operación kilo4

1/100.000 Charity Run

Today students and teachers have participated in the 1/100.000 fundraising charity run. Running for charity has given us the opportunity to be part of something truly worthwhile:  combating childhood leukaemia.

Thanks to all of you for your participation and support!!

run (1) run2 run6 run5 run4 run3

Maths based photography competition 2018

Maths is all around! Enjoy the best photos of our first Maths based photography contest!! Congratulations to all the students that have taken part in it!


Maths Photography Gallery