School farm trip

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School farm trip

School farmers were busy last week, caring for the farm and sharing its bounty with eager infant and primary students.  Lope de Vega kids visited the farm for three hands on days of farm education, games, and many other activities.

3rd Musical Event “Únete al ritmo de la concertada”

On March 31st, it will take place the 3rd musical event “Únete al ritmo de la concertada“, where students from all the semi-private schools of Alcalá  will bring their voices together to promote and emphasize the importance of their schools. 


Food collection for charity

Our students have been collecting food at a local supermarket in order to help those in need, as part of our commitment to human rights and personal values. Many thanks to all the teachers and students that took part in it.


operación kilo1 operación kilo2 operación kilo3 operación kilo4


Last week we celebrated Halloween. Children and teachers enjoyed a spooky afternoon full of games, costumes, music and many other things…


halloween3  halloween4 halloween5 halloween6 halloween7


Cervantes Chico 18

We have attended the “Cervantes Chico” prize-giving ceremony. This year the award has been won by the Spanish writer Mónica Rodríguez Suárez.

cervantes chico1 cervantes chico3 cervantes chico4 cervantes chico2CERVANTES CHICO6

1/100.000 Charity Run

Today students and teachers have participated in the 1/100.000 fundraising charity run. Running for charity has given us the opportunity to be part of something truly worthwhile:  combating childhood leukaemia.

Thanks to all of you for your participation and support!!

run (1) run2 run6 run5 run4 run3

Time for a live performance!!

Our 4 year olds attended a live performance of the musical “Cinderella“.

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Vota por nuestro colegio en XLKidsRadio

Se acaba de abrir el período de votaciones para elegir al colegio como ganador del concurso radiofónico que organiza Qué XL Kids radio en el que participamos hace unas semanas!!!!

Entrad en la página web y seleccionad al Colegio Lope de Vega para votarnos:

En este link podéis escuchar el programa que grabaron los alumnos: ¡No se tarda nada!

Segundo día en la nieve

El frío no fue obstáculo para que nuestros chicos disfrutaran de su segundo día en Astún.

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