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More than 10000 m 2 of classroom space, laboratories, sport facilities and ample space for educational, extra-curricular and recreational activities.

Plentiful Resources

Our school has all of the appropriate spaces to meet the needs of both students and staff with access to Information and Communication Technologies for each member of the school spaces for research, studying and sport.


-Language Lab (with fiber optic internet connection).
-Computer Labs (with fiber optic internet connection).
-Biology, Physics and Chemistry Lab.
-Robotics Classroom (Arduino, V3)
-Lego WeDo 2.0
-Nurse´s office with qualified nurse.

-Small groups classrooms for personalised attention.
-Music Room.
-In-house kitchen
-3D printers
-Wi-fi throughout the school
-Smart boards with high speed internet connection.


The school complies with all the requirements that are given by “Ley Orgánica de Educación” which guarantees conditions of quality and equality for our students.

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