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Todos nuestros centros están adscritos como Colegios Bilingües de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Además compartimos con el Trinity College of London y la Universidad de Cambridge sus programas de exámenes oficiales.

Language Learning: A prioritized objective offered at our school.

ENGLISH language learning begins in the first year of Preschool and continues throughout Primary, Secondary and High School education. The objective is to achieve a high level of competence by the end of Primary Education and a communicative and written improvement by the end of Secondary and High School.


The Basis/Components of our Bilingual Program

-English Language and culture immersion, with an increased number of hours (40%).
-Course subjects taught in English include English Language, Arts and Crafts, Social Science, Natural Science, Physical Education and Music..


Teaching Staff

-Specialized teachers on all levels.
-CAM-qualified teachers for bilingual teaching in English.
-Native Language Assistants from Ireland, England, United States, etc. Since the 2008/2009 academic year, the school considers their participation an integral part supporting our project. They are the pioneers of the Charter Bilingual School Education within the Madrid community.


Programs and Projects

Participation in projects whose main objective is the teaching-learning process of the English language, directed towards both teachers and students in the School.

-Participation in European programs.
-The E-TWINNING program, a partnership with other European centers.
-The Comenius Project, which hosts language assistants.
-The Leonardo Program, a program aimed at improving teachers’ communicative and methodological competencies in English.

Trinity College London and Cambridge University Exams

The school also hosts external evaluations of the English learning process through Trinity College London and Cambridge University examinations that validate the knowledge of our students within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Second Languages

With the aim of enhancing student contact with foreign languages and cultures, we offer a second language course, in this case FRENCH, taught over the four years of compulsory education in Secondary school. Students face the official DELF exams, with excellent results.

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